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diqian- PJ-008

sports corset belly shaping clothing female long section 9 bone body shaping belt waist

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article number: PJ-008

Whether to support foundry: support

fabric name: cotton

Main fabric composition: cotton

Abdominal belt_03.jpg

Abdominal belt_04.jpg

Abdominal belt_05.jpg

Abdominal belt_06.jpg

Abdominal belt_07.jpg

Abdominal belt_08.jpg

Abdominal belt_09.jpg

Abdominal belt_10.jpg

Abdominal belt_11.jpg

Abdominal belt_12.jpg

Abdominal belt_13.jpg

Abdominal belt_14.jpg

Abdominal belt_15.jpg

Abdominal belt_16.jpg

Abdominal belt_17.jpg

Abdominal belt_18.jpg

Abdominal belt_19.jpg

Abdominal belt_20.jpg

Abdominal belt_21.jpg

Abdominal belt_22.jpg