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Who is Fouregg?

Hello, thank you for your interest in fouregg. I will introduce us in detail through who,what,where,how,why.


We are a Chinese company that specializes in sports and leisure related products. Mid-to-high-end yoga clothing wholesale manufacturers. We have our own factory and brand. Fouregg is one of them. We have been engaged in related industries for about 12 years and have customers all over the world.

Therefore, we have our own independent product development and management system, as well as a complete quality management system, and have important product-related certification certificates. High-quality products, rich experience and quick problem solving are the common evaluations of our customers.Looking forward to growing with our customers is our motivation.

Our vision is:“No business too small, No place too far.”

FOUREGG introduction video

What does fouregg do?

We have already introduced who we are, and then we will introduce what we mainly do.


We are a responsible team that specializes in sports and leisure related products. Our main production is men's and women's sports fitness clothing, casual wear, etc, including sports accessories and other equipment Facilities;

the most important of which is sports and leisure clothing, with a daily shipment of about 120,000 pieces.professional craftsmanship of seam production and seamless production, as well as various large-scale equipment; etc. We cooperate with many brands; we have independent research and development fabrics and designers, so we have a large number of stock products, and we also have our own patents for all fabric series and certificates of European environmental protection fabrics.

we support OEM&ODM; Support 7 days quick proofing, we support sample purchases, including various types of customized services such as label, tag, packaging, etc. as well as small batch logo customization and other special services.

One corner of the seamless production workshop in our factory

The corner of production, processing and storage of our products

Where is fouregg?


We are a Chinese manufacturer, We serve global customers, our products are oriented to the global market, we have different product series; where the main logistics can reach, we can send goods to customers, We support land, sea or air and our logistics services generally provide Door-to-door service, tax package, insurance package and other personalized logistics services.

we can serve different types of customers.We not only serve mass-customized customers, but also support SME retailers and sellers. Provide real high-definition photos and videos of our products, etc. We will also provide our fabric certificates if customers need them.

Satisfying all the needs of customers is the purpose of our service. We hope to grow up with our customers.

Fouregg some product display

  • How to cooperate with us?


    Welcome to be our partner.

    If you need to customize your own products,we can provide you with professional customized services; we can directly make samples according to your pictures, or your design drafts. We have our own designers and support quick sample production within 7 days. We will provide you with professional drafts and pictures of real products, support multiple revisions, and give you the real product after the final sample is finalized.

    If you just need to customize our products to change the design or the color or size is easier, you only need to provide the Pantone color number of the color you need, and we will start color proofing, ordering, sampling, and then give you the actual product.

    If you only need our products, we are willing to give you all of our product materials, physical photos, videos, etc. We are willing to help our customers obtain more business opportunities and give our customers the best Sincere price.

    If you need our samples, We support you to place an order, but there is no need to pay for the time being, just send us the order details.

    (add to shopping cart-place an order-send order information-NO payment)

    we can communicate about custom fees and logistics costs, etc. Later, we will help you draft a credit guarantee order.

  • Why choose us?


    We have self-designed styles and self-developed fabrics, stable shipments, and develop new products every day. The style is iterated quickly and the inventory is stable; it has its own product information management system, and the online catalog is updated in real time. The warehousing and delivery speed is fast, and it will usually be shipped out within 3-7 working days.

    We have production equipment with various processes such as seam and seamless and rich experience in customized services; we have cooperated with brands and customers with high recognition, and have a variety of fabrics to meet the customized needs of different customers, and support 7 days of fast Proofing.

    We have rich logistics experience, support tax package, insurance package, door-to-door logistics services. To protect the interests of both parties, our goods support visualization services. We can provide real shot pictures from production to shipment. All our logistics Both support real-time check logistics, and the warehouse can deliver goods to the door within 7 working days as soon as possible.

    We support logo customization services in small batches, samples can also achieve logo customization services, and related accessories, etc. We all support low-moq light customization services.

    We are a sincere enterprise, and look forward to our sincere and trusting cooperation. Everything started from trust, and we will not disappoint your trust.

About payment

we support a variety of charging methods other than paypal.

The Each payment type has different charging methods. We support customers to choose better payment methods. In addition to online payment options, we also have other payment methods. For example, we support business-to-business bank transfers, etc.; all receipts and payments are It is a formal company account and a service guaranteed by a bank or a third party, so please rest assured that all our payments are in compliance with the law.

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