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Tip: The stock quantity of "zcreate" series products is limited. Customers who take samples should pay attention to replacing other series of products. thank you for your patience.

pearl chiffon one piece skirt yoga hakama sports fitness short skirt covering buttocks and fart curtain ballet dance skirt

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fabric name: Pearl Chiffon

fabric composition: Polyester (Polyester)

Fabric content: 100 (%)

Lining name: Polyester

Lining ingredients: Polyester (Polyester)

Ingredient content of lining: 100 (%)

Item No.: DSJ313

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_04.jpg
DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_08.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_09.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_10.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_11.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_14.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_15.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_16.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_17.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_18.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_19.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_20.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_21.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_22.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_23.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_24.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_25.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_26.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_27.jpg

DSJ-313 (veil skirt)-790_28.jpg