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Cross-border new product V-neck yoga short-sleeved women's slim slimming fitness outer wear running sports yoga wear T-shirt

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$41.00 USD
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$8.90 USD
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  • Supply category: Spot goods
  • Product Category: T-shirt
  • brand: FOUR EGG
  • Applicable gender: Female
  • tolerance scope: 1~2cm
  • appropriate season: Summer, winter, spring, autumn
  • Inventory: Yes
  • Inventory type: Whole single
  • Fabric name: Nylon
  • fabric composition: Nylon/nylon
  • Fabric composition content: 78 (%)
  • Lining name: Spandex
  • Lining ingredients: Spandex
  • Lining ingredient content: twenty two(%)
  • Item No.: DS83V collar LU short sleeve
  • colour: Black, white, spirulina color, pulsating powder
  • size: S,M,L,XL
  • Applicable scene: Running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and bodybuilding, chess and card entertainment, music instruments, sports trends, cycling sports, ice and snow sports, extreme challenges, hiking and camping, shooting sports, martial arts self-defense, dance sports, foot basket sports, venues Amusement equipment, fishing sports
  • Have licensable own brand: Yes
  • Whether it is a source of exclusive supply for cross-border export: Yes
  • Sleeve Length: Short sleeve
  • Way of dressing: Hedging
  • Top and bottom loading classification: Suit (two-piece suit)
  • Bottoms style: Leggings
  • clothes length: Waist
  • Clothing version: Tight

  • DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_02

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_03

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_04

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_05

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_06

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_08

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_09

    DS-83V collar LU short sleeve_10DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_11

    DS-83V collar LU short sleeve _12

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_13

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_14

    DS-83V collar LU short sleeve _15

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_16

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_17

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_18

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_19

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_20DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_21

    DS-83V Collar LU Short Sleeve_22