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dasu-DSG369 (225gsm)

Tip: The stock quantity of "zcreate" series products is limited. Customers who take samples should pay attention to replacing other series of products. thank you for your patience.

U-neck back hollow sports underwear shockproof women's vest fitness top yoga clothing beautiful back bra

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Fabric name : Jin ammonia double grinding

Fabric composition : nylon/nylon

Fabric component content : 81 (%)

Lining name : spandex

Lining composition : spandex

Lining ingredient content : 19 (%)

Item No .: DSG369

DSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_05.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_07.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_09.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_11.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_14.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_16.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_17.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_21.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_22.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_23.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_24.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_25.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_26.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_27.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_01.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_02.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_03.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_04.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_05.jpgDSG-369 (U-neck vest)-790_06.jpg