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Tip: The stock quantity of "zcreate" series products is limited. Customers who take samples should pay attention to replacing other series of products. thank you for your patience.

contrast color sports bra shockproof female yoga vest bra with chest pad summer tight fitness top

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fabric name: Double-sided brocade not brushed

fabric composition: Nylon/Nylon

Fabric content: 78 (%)

Lining name: spandex

Lining ingredients: spandex

Ingredient content of lining: twenty two(%)

Item No.: DSB333

DSB-333 good-790_05.jpgDSB-333 good-790_07.jpgDSB-333 good-790_09.jpgDSB-333 good-790_01.jpgDSB-333 good-790_13.jpgDSB-333 good-790_16.jpg333.jpgDSB-333 good-790_18.jpgDSB-333 good-790_21.jpgDSB-333 good-790_22.jpgDSB-333 good-790_23.jpgDSB-333 good-790_24.jpgDSB-333 good-790_25.jpgDSB-333 good-790_26.jpgDSB-333 good-790_27.jpgDSB-333 good-790_28.jpgDSB-333 good-790_29.jpgDSB-333 good-790_30.jpg